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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Youth soccer 2013-05-18

Photos from 7 games last Saturday, all but one of the games were U-10.  The other game was a GU-6 that was missing some players earlier in the game.

Below are direct links to the photos from Saturday.

GU-6 Purple Butterflies vs Red Sharks

GU-10 Hot Pink Teddy Bears vs Orange Tigers

BU-10 Red Pros vs Lime Crazy Bananas

GU-10 Blue Tsunami vs Lime Starburst

BU-10 Gold Taco Ninjas vs Green Riddlers (Riddlers sponsored by Island Family Hearing)

BU-10 White Wildcats vs Coupeville 2 (Red Bull) (Wildcats sponsored by Best in the Field...Homes for Rent)

BU-10 Orange Dragons vs Coupeville 1 (Ciao)

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